Now you can.

Custodian is an iPaaS Digital Services Platform, designed to improve the agility, productivity and profitability of Professional Services Organizations (PSOs).

Developed by PSO Natives

Custodian is developed and marketed by PSA Consulting, a Norwegian services and technology company on a mission to unlock trapped value in professional services organizations by means of intelligent digital transformation. Working with best-in-class PSOs in Scandinavia, Custodian has been created to close the gap in the digital services landscape, empowering PSOs to thrive now and in the future.


Custodian is based on our comprehensive PSO skills, knowledge and experience accumulated over decades. By combining our own PSO acumen and tech-savviness together with our world-class clients and partners, we constantly re-think PSO best practices.


Each of the services in the Custodian digital services platform targets business critical best practice areas in PSOs. Our proprietary ontology model identifies the domains and entities that drive performance at individual, team and organisational level.


Custodian applies and leverages new technologies, such as cloud computing combined with artificial intelligence, machine-learning and big data analytics. By driving intelligent automation throughout the organisation, the foundation for productivity, value creation and growth is laid.


One of Custodian’s core strengths is to bring all data production, transformation and consumption into one seamless system and thereby create one single source of truth. When all the digital services work together, the sum is greater than the parts.

Data-driven Professional Services.

PSOs are generating more data than ever before. Streams of raw and unstructured data are being stored in isolated departmental silos, across separate systems and databases, impeding significant value to be created. Custodian unlocks the value trapped in the operations, systems, people and business models delivering intelligent data integration and management.

A meta-study carried out by PSA Consulting (09/2021) concludes that digital transformation in PSOs is a top priority for thriving in the post-pandemic era.


96% of PSOs are planning for process transformation and automatization.


91% of PSOs are planning for business model adjustments.


85% of PSOs are planning for new customer compliance and management practices.


80% of PSOs are planning to strengthen data and analytics capabilities.

The Answer Is In the Ontology

An ontology is a set of concepts and entities in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them. Some of these concepts and entities are internal while others are external. Custodian is built on a proprietary ontology model for PSOs, which can easily be adapted to the singularities of a specific PSO.