Now you can.

Custodian is an iPaaS Digital Services Platform, designed to improve the agility, productivity and profitability of Professional Services Organisations (PSOs).

Developed by industry experts

Custodian is developed and marketed by PSA Consulting, a Nordic tech and expert advisory firm with offices in Oslo and Stockholm.

We are passionate about helping Professional Services Organisations (PSOs) gain and retain competitive advantage. Our cutting-edge applications, solutions and technologies help aspirational and ambitious Law Firms and other PSOs with intelligent digital transformation. We help digitise processes and integrate data and workflows across (and beyond) the organisation, empowering employees to maximise their productivity and deliver outstanding quality work to clients.

Digital transformation is disrupting how PSOs create, capture and deliver value to their clients. By using selected best-of-breed applications built for PSOs combined with our digital services platform, Custodian, we deliver intelligent digital transformation through agile projects and in close collaboration with our clients.

Deployed on leading cloud platforms

Custodian is provided as an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), developed and maintained by PSA Consulting and hosted by Intility – a high-end multi-cloud platform service currently trusted by more than 600 organisations across 2,000 locations in Norway and the rest of the world. More information about the Intility platform:, and

Custodian can also be deployed in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or on premises.