Powerful data model and visualizations.

Self-service analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole. Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors.

Speed and Confidence

Enable all the members of your organization to make confident decisions using synchronised, realtime and interactive analytics of data from all your internal and external data sources.

Actionable Insights

Analyse your data with greater speed, accuracy and interactivity and obtain actionable insights that improves performance.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Ask questions on the fly and use the virtual assistant to detect and predict patterns, trends in a faster and smarter way, and get the right answers.

Personalised Dashboards

Tailor your charts, reports and dashboards and experience a 360 degree view of your business critical KPIs that drives productivity and profitability.

Business Critical KPIs

Data-driven service management is now a reality. PSOs should embrace data to stimulate productivity and creativity, in order to design meaningful, immersive and engaging service experiences that truly delight clients and employees.

Registered Hours


Registered Hours

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Registered Hours


Registered Hours

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Smart Forms

Via smart forms with updated and pre-filled information, employees and the customer can register and verify information. Workflows and forms adapt to the information, and you only fill in the necessary information – or adjust already collected information from public registers, services such as Bisnode and others. The solution is integrated in international registers for PEP and sanction lists, and is also linked to your existing ERP and CRM applications. The solution contains digital signature and ID control via BankID, so that letters of commitment can be sent to the person responsible for signing at the customer. Signed documents are returned automatically, and stored on the relevant case in iManage DMS or returned by e-mail.

Key Benefits


The core solution supports the requirements for the implementation of customer measures in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act, and is in line with the Norwegian Bar Association and the Supervisory Board’s guidelines for customer measures in accordance with the anti-money laundering regulations. The solution is quality assured and developed in close collaboration with law firm Wikborg Rein in Oslo.

Logging & Reporting

All registrations, updates, approvals and creations are logged with user information, date and time. In this way, you have an internal overview of the processes, and can easily document the entire customer intake process by an audit.

Customisation & Implementation

The solution is adapted to existing processes and business management applications, so that you can quickly digitize current manual tasks and activities, and reuse and update data that exist in other solutions. This facilitates a fast and cost-effective design, implementation and rollout.


By being an integrated custom application of the Custodian Digital Services Platform, it contains a modern and homogeneous integration framework with standard integrations with most relevant business management systems for Professional Services Organisations in the Nordic region, for example Microsoft Dynamics 365, Deltek Maconomy, xLedger and Visma.

Highlighted Features

Dynamic Workflow

Work processes can be modeled in a graphical user interface, to suit your company’s unuique way of working.

Risk Management

At the core of the system is a configurable risk matrix that determines how different customers and assignments are to be handled.

Digital Signature & ID

BankID based signature of order confirmations or commitment letters, or direct ID lookups during the process. Signed documents are stored directly in the DMS system’s case file.

Client Access

The client can participate in parts of the process to register or update information via web or mobile.

Real-Time Verification

The solution is fully integrated into a large number of data sources – everything from public registers to international registers for PEP, company information and sanction lists. Credit information is checked both in registers and in your ERP system for existing customers.

Conflict Search

Lookup in your company’s existing solution for conflict search, corresponding functionality in your ERP system – or conflict search is run in the onboarding solution itself.

Logging & Reports

Everything that happens in the solution is logged, and stored for use in internal controls and for any inspections. Complete reports are stored in a case file in DMS at the end of onboarding or retrieved in the report part of the solution.

GDPR & Data Storage

All data is stored and deleted in accordance with the GDPR legislation. All documents are stored only in the integrated document management system.

Quality Control

The user categorizes the type of assignment to be considered. The system’s risk matrix triggers further processes in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act’s requirements for measures, and when creating new cases for existing customers. New cases and customers are automatically created in the underlying systems.

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