Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

An iPaaS power platform tailored to the structures, systems and processes of Professional Services Organizations.

Data-driven PSOs

Knowledge based companies are generating more data than ever before. Streams of raw and unstructured data are being stored in isolated departmental silos, across separate systems and databases, impeding significant value to be created. Custodian unlocks the value trapped in the operations, systems, people and business models delivering intelligent data integration and management.


92% of data in PSOs are unstructured data


87% of PSOs consider data optimization a critical issue


79% of PSOs report that data integration and analytics have improved their practices

All Data Fully Integrated In One Place

Independent of the sources or locations of your data, Custodian offers a comprehensive view of your data streams,  by enabling you to orchestrate, operationalize and transform these huge stores of raw data into managed pipelines, and ultra-fast No-SQL data-lakes, guaranteeing that your master- and metadata is always correct, available and updated.

Key Benefits

Efficiency & Productivity

The most important benefit of iPaaS is that it helps seamlessly connect different software applications and synchronize data. There is no need to constantly switch between systems to find the information you need. iPaaS allows users to stay focused for longer during a task and provides much better visibility of your business operations through comprehensive reports.


With Custodian iPaaS there is no need for coding for customized integrations. The service is accessible as monthly or yearly subscriptions making it extremely cost-effective in a shorter time frame. Maintenance and storage will be providad by your vendor, allowing your employees to focus on value creation.


Scalability means your business can expand without having to worry about setting up yet another custom in-house integration. It allows your business to grow up to meet demands. As long as your future applications are available on the network, your integration platform can grow with your business.

Ease of use

Custodian iPaaS comes with a great number of pre-built integrations called connectors that help you accelerate your integration projects and making integration easy for the teams involved. You don’t need a lengthy planning process and a huge project team just to get your integration off the ground.

Highlighted Features

Low-Code Development

Comes with point & click and drag & drop capabilities allowing you to visually map out integration and employ prebuilt connectors. As a result, the integration is accomplished with far less technical knowledge. Even a non-technical person can directly build an integration, which can be effortlessly tested and polished in the fast iteration.

Superior Experiences

The iPaaS platform offers new and dedicated customer experience by firmly integrating back-end data and application for instantaneous collaborative communications to the web as well as mobile devices.

Updates over Upgrades

iPaaS offers automatic, reliable, and regular updates that lower the maintenance costs, enhance reliability and promise that business can use the latest features and upgrades. This becomes crucial when integrating with SaaS apps that offer updates to their security protocols and APIs regularly. Updates come on a regular basis so that a user does not need to concern about sustaining with updates.

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