Digital Services Platform and iPaas, tailored to the structures, systems and processes of Professional Services Organizations and Legal Firms.

Data-driven PSOs

Knowledge based companies are generating more data than ever before. Streams of raw and unstructured data are being stored in isolated departmental silos, across separate systems and databases, impeding significant value to be created. Custodian unlocks the value trapped in the operations, systems, people and business models delivering intelligent data integration and management.


90% of data in PSOs are unstructured data


80% of PSOs consider data optimization a critical issue


50% of PSOs report that data integration and analytics have improved their practices

All Data all the Time 

Independent of the sources or locations of your data, Custodian offers a comprehensive view of your data streams,  by enabling you to orchestrate, operationalize and transform these huge stores of raw data into managed pipelines, and ultra-fast No-SQL data-lakes,  guaranteeing that your master- and metadata is always correc, available and updated.

All data in one place

Custodian is an iPaas solution using configurable connectors for industry leading PSO applications. Data is streamlined in managed pipelines providing full control of your data and complying with strict security standards.

Unlocking trapped value

Intelligent data integration and automation is an opportunity for professional services to unlock trapped value and propel their business to the next level. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine-learning and big data analytics allow you to re-imagine your business model and service your clients in smarter, differentiated and cost-efficient ways, while at the same time improve your margins.

Custodian products



Standard templates

Customer adjustments



Configurable for IT dept or ITconsultants

Documented API

Subcribe to data from ERP/ECM

Deltek Maconomy launched

iManage coming soon


E-invoice solution

EHF (Norway)

Oiio (Denmark)

SWEfakt (Sweden)

Web-application within


Data integration as driver of service excellence

Delivering our promise

Unlocking trapped value in professional services organizations is our purpose and promise. This promise is delivered and sustained by our PSO-4T Framework which we apply to all our clients. Only by leveraging these four pillars can we unleash the power of the intelligent professional services organization and surge ahead.


Apply new technologies, such as cloud computing combined with artificial intelligence, machine-learning and big data analytics.


Our agile and results-driven methodology for continuous value creation developed to serve the singularities and complexities of PSOs.


Combining our own PSO acumen and tech-savviness together with our world-class partners, we constantly re-think PSO best practices.


We consider our friendly style, sense of togethernes and commitment to your ambitions as our main differentiator and key value proposition.

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PSA Consulting is a service and technology company on a mission to unlock trapped value in professional services organization by means of intelligent digital transformation. We work closely with ambitious Scandinavian organizations in search of leadership, guiding and empowering them to serve their clients in the best possible and most profitable way.

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