Automation Apps for ERP

Custodian Automation Apps for ERP help you to enhance and automate processes, ensure operational efficiency and boost productivity.

Apps for Automation and Productivity

Custodian is powered with a palette of industry-specific Automation Apps and Microservices, purpose-built to refine processes and accelerate productivity within Professional Services Organisations and Law Firms. Relying on Custodian Automation Apps for ERP, you can bridge gaps in your current digital ecosystem and scale operational efficiency. 

Custodian Debt Collection allow you to fully automate the debt collection process, save time and improve control. Relying on a smooth two-way integration between ERP and Settl (a leading “next generation” debt collection agency), information related to invoices due are seamlessly transferred for debt collection, and status information related to the collection process is transparently accessible directly in ERP. Custodian Debt Collection help you improve bottom line results. 

Custodian Digital Invoicing allow you to generate digital invoices automatically, pulling in data from the correct sources, allowing you to confirm the accuracy of the invoice before sending it to the recipient, who will be notified of its arrival. Supports all Nordic digital invoice formats.

Custiodian LEDES Invoicing help you to transform the invoices you produce to comply with the LEDES billing format. The application  makes it possible for all law firms to issue electronic invoiced in a standardised way. LEDES invoicing ensure a smooth and compliant billing processes  – for your law firm and the clients you serve.

Custodian Exchange Rate Retriever ensure exchange rates are always updated – ensuring billing, expenses and intercompany transactions are handled correctly and efficiently. Custodian Exchange Rate Retriever saves time and allow your office of finance to focus on value-adding services.

Custodian User Provisioning allow you to smoothly and securely manage provisioning of users and access rights across multiple applications in your digital ecosystem. Custodian User Provisioning rely on Azure AD and connects seamlessly with iManage, your ERP solution and other business critical applications – from one centralised admin portal.

Key Benefits


Custodian Productivity Apps and Microservices are designed to address the unique requirements of Professional Services Organisations, Law Firms and Legal Departments.


Custodian Productivity Apps and Microservices are designed to provide a connected and seamlessly integrated experience within the Custodian Digital Services Platform.