Productivity Apps for iManage

Custodian Productivity Apps and Microservices for iManage help you to automate processes, ensure operational efficiency and boost productivity.

Apps for Automation and Productivity

Custodian is powered with a palette of industry-specific Productivity Apps and Microservices, purpose-built to refine processes and accelerate productivity within Law Firms and in-house Legal Teams. Relying on Custodian Productivity Apps for iManage, you can bridge gaps in your current digital ecosystem and scale operational efficiency. 

Digital Signatures

Custodian Digital Signatures allow you to fully automate the document signing process. Seamlessly embedded in iManage and Office 365, Digital Signatures provide an integrated  and connected “one-click” approach to document signing – automatically distributing documents and notifying recipients through e-mail or SMS. The application is fully compliant with Nordic BankID standards for digital signatures and powered by DocuSign for electronic signatures.

Smart Templates

Custodian Smart Templates is an MS Word Ribbon Add-in for document template automation, allowing you to easily add relevant meta-data from iManage and your ERP-system to populate document templates. The application is automatically distributed to users and supports all custom-fields in iManage out-of-the-box.

iManage Mini Portal

Custodian Mini Portal for iManage allow you to easily access client and matter related information directly from the right side Dynamic Tab in iManage Work. Information on hours spent, billing and relevant matter meta-data is seamlessly consumed from your ERP or Practice Management solution and shared in an intuitive and user-friendly way. The Mini Portal also support easy time capture directly from iManage. With the Mini Portal, fee earners are never more than one click away from the matter related data they need.

Document Delete

Custodian Document Delete for iManage help you to automate time-consuming compliance processes. With Document Delete, workspaces, folders and documents can efficiently and securely be deleted in batch – reducing manual work and saving valuable time. The Document Delete Plus edition can also cater for masking of matter data in your ERP or Practice Management solution. 

User Provisioning

Custodian User Provisioning allow you to smoothly and securely manage provisioning of users and access rights across multiple applications in your digital ecosystem. Custodian User Provisioning rely on Azure AD and connects seamlessly with iManage, your ERP solution and other business critical applications – from one centralised admin portal.     

Key Benefits


Custodian Productivity Apps and Microservices are designed to address the unique requirements of Professional Services Organisations, Law Firms and Legal Departments.


Custodian Productivity Apps and Microservices are designed to provide a connected and seamlessly integrated experience within the Custodian Digital Services Platform.